Senator Patty Murray Discusses Opioid Epidemic

Senator Patty Highlights Severity of Opioid Epidemic

Senator Patty Murray visited with healthcare leaders from the Mid-Columbia to discuss the severity of our nation’s opioid epidemic.  Today, over 2.5 million individuals abuse or are addicted to pain pills and/or heroin.  This could fill the entire Seattle Seahawks CenturyLink stadium over 40 times.  In addition, this epidemic is not discriminatory towards any one group of individuals.  It can happen to anyone.

One of the largest contributing factors of this epidemic is access to care.  Prior to the hard work of legislators like Patty Murray, physicians could only prescribe Suboxone to 100 patients at any given time.  Senator Patty Murray was instrumental in pushing the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) through Congress. In order to combat this epidemic, the Senator pledged her commitment to push Congress for more tools and resources.  Furthermore, these efforts are instrumental in ensuring that our communities have the resources available to fight this epidemic.


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